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Beijing Coffe time in forbidden city
Time:2008-02-28 16:31:37 Author:zhouyao
 (Imperial Meals ͢)
Coffee Break oneЪ1in forbidden city
Price: 159RMB/pax
Sweet: Sweet pea pure͢㶹ơ
little Steamed corn breadСͷ
Crispy finger citron֡
Lemon cheese cakeʼ˾
Salty:Mushroom Vol-au-ventĢֺС
Huangqiao Sesame Seed Cakes Сձ
Patty with turnip Shredsܲ˿
Beef  puffţ֣
Imperial dessert:  Egg Pudding
Imperial Fruit:   Assorted fruit platterʲ
Coffee Break twoЪ2in forbidden city
Price: 249RMB/pax
Sweet: Sweet pea pure͢㶹ơ
Chengfu Pear Candy Cake̸DZ
Sweetened bean paste biddy ɳС
Sesame White Crisp Cake֥Ƥ֡
Chocolate mousse㴼ɿĽ˾
Salty: Fried noodleըӡ
Seafood Fricassee Vol-au-ventֺС
Patty with turnip Shredsܲ˿
Huangqiao Sesame Seed Cakes Сձ
Shrimp Spring RollϺ
Imperial dessert: Chinese Forest Frog in OrangeƷѩ
Imperial Fruit: Assorted fruit platterʲ
Come with Westlake Tea or Green Snail Spring Green Teaݴ
Menu in forbidden city
(If you like, you can order the food you like one by one) 
Chinese food Sweet pea pure͢㶹ƣ12RMB
little Steamed corn breadСͷ12RMB
French Bean Rollsܿ12RMB
Red Bean Cake춹⣨8RMB
Fried noodleըӣ15RMB
Aiwowo (Steamed Rice Cakes with Sweet Stuffing ѣ8RMB
Sesame Seed Cakes with minced meatĭСձ18RMB
pawpaw crispľ֣8RMB
  Western food: Apple pie come with ice creamƻܣ68RMB
Walnut Cakeʽҵ⣨20RMB
Custard Tart㵰18RMB
Lemon cheese cakeʼ˾⣨28RMB
the fruit in seasonʱ18RMB
French thin pancakeʽС20RMB
Dessert   imperial cheese͢ң25RMB
Egg PuddingӢʽ68RMB
Chinese Forest Frog in OrangeƷѩ88RMB
Snack : Cheese Stick ˾25RMB
Seafood Fricassee Vol-au-ventֺУ30RMB
Assorted sandwichʲΣ38RMB
Fruit :  Assorted fruit platterʲˮ̣big/pax35RMB
Assorted fruit platterʲˮ̣little/pax25RMB
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