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Two Chinese pandas ready to go to Spain
Time:2007-09-05 Author:zhouyao

Two Chinese pandas ready to go to Spain

Source: | 09-05-2007 09:25

Two Chinese pandas due to go to Spain have completed medical checks and quarantine procedures. The pair is scheduled to leave for the Madrid Zoo on Friday, as part of a joint panda research program between China and Spain.

Looking restless in their cages, the two pandas are now fully prepared to go abroad.

This is 7-year old Bingxing, or "icy star". He is now the biggest male in the panda world. Weighing 150 kilograms, he is taller than his keeper when he stands up. It is said his only hobby is eating and that he gets angry when he does not have enough food.

This is Bingxing's girlfriend Huazuiba, or "Hidden Lips". She is three years younger than her partner, but she is widely considered as the most clever young animal in the camp. She has won numerous prizes in training programs.

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