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Shanghai: Harmonica, life´s greatest joy
Time:2007-09-05 Author:zhouyao

Shanghai: Harmonica, life´s greatest joy

Source: | 09-05-2007 09:38

The Special Olympics are just around the corner. As Shanghai gets ready for the event, visitors can stroll down to a park in the downtown Hongkou district, where they will meet a talented harmonica player who also happens to be mentally impaired.

Wu Mengze often comes to this park to play the harmonica. What's more, he does so as an accompaniment to a choir. Over the past two years, his improving skills have attracted quite a fanbase. And his musical talents don't go unnoticed by other members of the choir.

choir member, said, "We take care of each other. We don't discriminate toward him. His harmonica skills are even better than mine."

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