Five days–tour of Lijiang & Dali
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Day 01  Beijing – Lijiang  
Leave for Lijiang by plane, when you arrive in Lijiang, take the airport shuttle to the terminus, then take taxi to the waterwheel – the mounth of Old City ,  walk to the hotel and check in . Then it’s the time to enjoy yourself, you may stroll around the old city or taste its special, then go back to the hotel and have a good night.
Day 02    Lijiang – Dali

Drive to Dali after breakfast.  It will take you three hours.  Check in and take a short break, visit the old city.   Er Sea is close to the old city, which is a sunny plateau lake. Visit Er Sea by boat, you will feel peaceful. In the evening , the delicious supper and coffee supplied in Foreign Street will make you satisfied .

Day 03  Dali – Lijiang

After breakfast, you could visit any tour size, like Cang Mountain Er Sea、Chongsheng Temple Three Pagoda, Butterfly Spring, anyway, it’s depend on you..
If you are interestd, you may visit the Silver Flower Island, you may taste the local San dao Tea.
By the way, visit the Old city by renting a bike will be another good choice. After your visit , drive back to Lijiang , it’s about three – hours driving.


Day 04  Yulong Snowy Mountain
Today you are recommended to visit Yulong Snowy Mountain, which is the leading tourist site of Lijiang.  You may take the cable car to the spruces level ground , which is 3,208 meters above sea level– or yaks level ground , which is 3,750 meters above sea level. The person who does not have plateau response may also take the cable car to glaciers parks which is 4,506 metres above sea level, here you may enjoy the green snow marvelous sight。
After the lunch you may go to the jade peak temple to look at the plateau rare and beautiful camellias, you may also arrive the jade water stockaded village to watch the mountain botanical garden or to go to Eastern Wan Shen Garden – where every bit of property ,like grass、tree、stone is god. In the evening you will still stay in the old city.
Day 05  Lijiang – Beijing
After breakfast, visit the old city, and buy some mementoes, then take the civil airport shuttle in new city to the airport, leave for Beijing.