Hong Kong's Beaches
Time:2005-12-13 Author:danfeng
Many of Hong Kong¡¯s beaches are a real pleasure. After a few days in the middle of the city surrounded by smog, a day trip to one of the island¡¯s bays is a pleasant way to break up a trip.
From the west of the island, the beaches stretch around in a curve. The first bay that you arrive at from Hong Kong, Repulse Bay is of course, the most popular. There is a reasonable beach here but it is consistently busy, especially on weekends and holidays. The two small beaches (mid bay and south bay) just a ten minute walk in either direction, offer a little more peace and quiet. The area around here is home to many of Hong Kong¡¯s most rich and famous residents. Luxurious villa¡¯s and apartments dominate the hills and there is also a big shopping arcade and park close to the bay.
How to get there: To reach Repulse Bay take bus No. 6,6A, or 61 from Exchange Square or the Star Ferry terminus in Central.  
The next beach to the east is Deep Water Bay. There is a nice beach here, and the bay is only a few kilometers east of Aberdeen. Trees along the edges of the beach offer shade from the heat of the sun and there are some nice restaurants and bars to eat around here too. Visitors can also set up their own barbecue at the end of the beach.
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