Yangshuo Introduction
Time:2005-12-06 Author:danfeng

Yangshuo was established as a county in the year 590 in Sui Dynasty. It is in the south of Guilin City, regarded as one of the most beautiful places in China. It is more enjoyable to visit Yangshuo after some time on the road. You could also climb one of karst peaks overlooking the region. There is so much to see here that you will never have a dull moment. Location: situated in the heart of the Li River Valley with Guilin to the south
Neighboring Areas: Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan and Guangdong provinces
Physical Features: the most typical karst topography
Population: 298,000
Area: 1428.38 sq km
Ethnic Groups: Han, Zhuang, Yao and Miao
History: established as a county in the Sui dynasty (A. D. 590)
Mountains: Moon Hill, Xiu Hill, Mural Hill, Snail Hill (Luoshi Hill), Xilang Hill, Schoolboy Hill, Chaoban Hill
Rivers: Yulong River, Li River
Products: Shatian Shaddock, kumquat, dried persimmon, Chinese Chestnut

Chinese Net Friends' Comments and Recommendations:
Yangshuo is a place where I would like to visite again and again.
What a pleasure to ramble on the trails while farmers went to their fields and children headed for the school!
With breathtaking, beautifully shaped hills all around, I listened to the local women chatting with each other while washing clothes in the river under a graceful, ancient stone bridge. I even lay down and rested a while on a bamboo deck chair at a local farmer's home after a four-hour walk, while the hostess was preparing for me some delicious dishes with vegetables from her backyard garden. Never had I enjoyed so freely a countryside, and seen such an affluence of natural beauty.

Favorate Routes:
I Cycling Yangshuo:
Set off from Yangshuo County, ride along Kangzhan Road to Gaotian Town. Enjoy the rural beauty until you see a sign indicating "Moon Village" at the opposite road. Take a turn in the direction of the sign, so that you can see the famous Moon Mountain when you look back. If you feel a bit tired, have a doze in Deyue Building, and enjoy a few dishes. Then ride to Moon Mountain.

Leave Yangshuo County and ride in the direction of Yinzi Yan. You will reach Butterfly Spring first. Ride forward and you will reach Great Banyan. Moon Mountain is 1000 meters ahead. The best location to take photos can be the villages opposite Moon Mountain. III
Ride from Baishajinbao Road, Yangshuo. After ten minutes you will arrive at Yulong Bridge.

Then challenge rafting in Yulong River. Then pass Yantang and drive up about 5 kilometers to Fuli Bridge. Meandering in Yangshuo
Yangdi-Xingping 18 kilometers, requiring 7 or 8 hours
In the morning, first get to Yangdi by boat, spending about one yuan. After walking for about 20 minutes, you will see a strawberry garden. Then take one hour to walk to Langshi, and pass it. Then you will arrive at a small fishing village. After lunch, continue your trip. You will be amazed by Jiumahua Mountain and Xingping. Cross the dock at the foot of Jiumahua Mountain. And at dawn, find a raft to drift on Lijiang.

Hotels and restaurants reviews:
Dingding Hotel(Dingding Kezhan), or Lijiang Resort, if you would like to live in a luxurious star-grade hotel. They are all on West Street(Xi Jie). As for the dinning, we recommend you to go to Tongle Restaurant. In New West Street(Xin Xijie), the candied taros (Basi Yutou) and Stewed fish with beer(Pijiu Yu) Choose a fish weighing two kilos.


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