Yulong Snow Mountain
Time:2005-12-06 Author:danfeng

Yulong Snow Mountain (yulong xueshan) is the southernmost marine glacier in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere. Altogether there are 13 peaks along the range, stretching for over 35km from south to north. The summit, Shanzidou, is 5596 meters above sea level. Viewed from afar, the snow-capped range resembles a silver dragon with snow curling up its middle. Rich forest, herb and animal resources thrive on the mountain and a giant tram cart up here is one of the highest of its kind in China.

The Ganhaizi Grassland is a famous tourist resort situated on the eastern slope of Yulong Snow Mountain, an ideal spot to view the mountain from. Within the resort, there are all kinds of entertainment facilities,including minority villages, camp sites, a bird paradise, ecological park, horse-racing track  and a tram cart.

From near the Ganhaizi Grassland, a cable car carries visitors up the Yulong Snow Mountain. It can get pretty cold up here, so be sure you are dressed for the weather!

How to get there:Numerous Travel Agencies in Lijiang offer one day tours along this route From Lijiang city in the North, the main scenic spots are: Lijiang - 8km - Baisha Mural - 9km - Yufeng Temple - 20km - Ganhaizi and the Yulong Mountain Cable Car - 7km - Baishui River - 2km - Yunshan ping.The tour costs RMB270 and the price includes all the admission feess, bus fares and lunch.

If you prefer to travel independently, take the No.7 bus from Xin Dajie. The bus starts in Lijiang and goes to all spots along this route, stopping  at Ganhaizi, Baishui River and the Yunshanping. The fare is RMB8 from Lijiang city to the terminal at Yunshanping. The bus starts at around 7am and ends at  6pm. There are around two buses a day.

Cost: RMB40 general admission into the Yulong Mountain area. The round trip for the cable car costs RMB112 (including insurance)

Opening Hours: 8am-6pm

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