Foreigner's Street
Time:2005-12-06 Author:danfeng

One of the ancient city of Dali¡¯s core attractions for foreign travelers is Huguo Lu, also known with locals as Yangren Jie or "Foreigner¡¯s Street". This street is where the famous cafes and guesthouses cluster along with souvenir shops and other interesting stores to create a little tourist paradise. Huguo Lu is the major reason that Dali has developed into a backpacker¡¯s paradise with cheap beer, Western food, and lodging. Currently, forty thousand tourists visit Dali annually and "Foreigner¡¯s Street" has expanded into neighboring streets including Bo¡¯ai Lu and Fuxing Lu.

How to get there: Huguo Lu is located in the northern part of the ancient town between Bo¡¯ai Lu and Fuxing Lu. Since the ancient town is quite small, you can access the street by foot, from any point in the town.

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