The Old City God's Temple
Time:2005-12-06 Author:danfeng

Old City GodĄŻs Temple (Laochenghuangmiao)is a major yet relatively inactive, Taoist temple in Shanghai. It is located in the area south of YanĄŻan Road on the Fangbang Zhong Road.

During the Ming Dynasty, Zhangshouyue, the head of Shanghai County, dedicated a temple to the local city god. Since then, the City GodĄŻs Temple has been destroyed several times and the current temple was built in 1926. During the the war of resistance against Japanese invasion during World War II, local merchants built a new City GodĄŻs Temple in the Foreign Concession (between Lianyun Road and West Jinling Road). That area is now a highrise residence building. The "former" temple is known as the Old City GodĄŻs Temple. The Old City GodĄŻs Temple and the enclosed Yuyuan Gardens are not only famous tourist sites but also popular shopping attractions. There are boutiques, shops selling local specialties, as well as large jewelry stores, department stores and fabulous local snack restaurants to be found here.

How to get there:The Temple is situated in the heart of the Yuyuan bazaar area. Walk south along the Bund and bear left.

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