Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Time:2005-12-06 Author:danfeng

The Oriental Pearl Radio and Television Tower stands in Pudong Park in the new and developing Lujiazui district on the banks of the Huangpu River. The tower was once the highest building in the city but now, although ití»s spire reaches higher than the Jinmao Building, it pales in insignificance compared to its mammoth neighbor.

The design for the Tower incorporates eleven spheres (or "pearls") and three gigantic columns linking the green grass below to the blue sky above. There are six high speed passenger elevators (although there are usually queues) inside the column taking visitors up to the viewing platform which affords great views over the city. One of the most impressive aspects of the building is the lighting. A computer controlled system alternates the light on the tower dependent on the weather conditions.

Although the Tower has now been surpassed in terms of height and design, many Chinese still see it as a fantastic symbol of the new Shanghai. Photographs and Postcards of the Building when it was first completed illustrate the gargantuan changes that have taken place in a short space of time here.

Cost: RMB 50
How to get there:1.Ferry Boat from Puxi 2.Tunnel bus 3. The new tube line to Pudong station

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