Tian¡¯an men Square
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Tian¡¯anmen, the main entrance to the Forbidden City, is a symbol of the nation and an image of China projected not just on banknotes, coins and stamps, but worldwide. When the gate was first built in the 15th Century, it had five gateways and was the main door to the imperial city. Until 1911, and the overthrow of the Ming and Qing dynasties, this was the entrance to the "forbidden area" for ordinary people and only imperial families and aristocrats were permitted to go through the gate. The most important function of the Gate Tower was to provide a platform for great ceremonies- the enthronement of an emperor or Mao¡¯s proclamation of the Peoples Republic of China. And it¡¯s the huge portrait of Mao (one of the few remaining on public display) which most Chinese flock to. The portrait is surrounded by two slogans. On the left, the motto "Long Live the People¡¯s Republic of China", to the right, "Long Live the Great Union between the Peoples of the World". Today, you can climb up the Gate Tower (RMB 30 for foreigners and RMB 10 for Chinese) and view Tian¡¯anmen Square itself

Situated in the south of the Square, Qianmen is one of the original nine city gates and was the front door to the inner city. It was first built in 1420 A.D. during the Ming Dynasty. Now that the city walls have disappeared, it jars slightly against its surrounds, but gives a good overview of the square. The gate is 33 metres high, and directly faces the Gate of Heavenly Peace. (Open daily 9am to 4:30pm).

Entrance fee: RMB15 (While RMB5 for student ticket).

Points for attention: You¡¯d need to leave any bags you have at the checkroom when mounting the Gate of Heavenly Peace.

Transportation: By underground No.1, Bus No.52 and No.57 or Double Decker Bus No.1 can get you there.Then by Bus No.7, No. 17, BaiLibao 101,No.48, 48-332 Union Transportation, and Bus No.53,54,59,66,120,337,726,808,826, then Double Decker Bus No.2 and No.4, etc. which could get you to the Front Gate.(Qianmen)

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